Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus.

Key Points

Endometriosis also known as “endo” recently has been tagged an autoimmune disorder (2016-2017).  As we know, autoimmune disorders have a similar trend in our health.  They all cause our bodies to attack our own cells.  When we have this process occurring in our body, it is hard for our body to perform optimally. This sometimes causes infertility, painful gestation, painful menstruation, increased bleeding during menstruation, etc.

Unfortunately, this is a common disorder in America, but you don’t need to suffer any longer.  There are ways to naturally and easily help get rid of endometriosis.  There is hope and help to become a woman who can travel when and where they want with out the debilitating thought of traveling around their menstruation.  No more planning your life around your endometriosis.  Plan your life freely again!  This is your year.

What We Want You To Know

There are ways to help your body work properly with no use of hormones or surgery. If caught early enough in the autoimmune process, your chances of needing surgery are very low.  If you are dealing with past surgical removal of endometriosis and are scheduled for another surgery, hold off and come see us first.  It is not too late to prevent more growth of your endometrial lining!

We are an educational clinic specializing in endometriosis, PCOS/PCOD and fertility. Let us help you avoid surgery and stay healthy.  Our patients thank us for keeping up on and teaching the newest research.

Our treatments are non-invasive and effective.