How to get your visit applied to your deductible.

With health care the way that it is, it is not easy navigating it.  We make it easy for you. We will produce a statement for you at the end of each visit, month or the year (your preference) to turn into your insurance.  This allows any services covered by your elected plan to be applied to your benefits.

Payment Options.

We are out-of-network providers for all insurance carriers.  That means that we are a cash based clinic.  The benefits to the patient because of this are: 1) cost is less and 2)  you get the care you need and not have to worry about it being denied by your insurance.

Below is payment type accepted:

  1. Cash, all major credit cards, check
  2. HSA’s, FSA’s
  3. CareCredit

HSA’s and FSA’s are accepted here.  You will need to check with your plan to ensure that our services and nutritional support qualifies as an appropriate use of funds.

CareCredit is a medical credit card that you can apply for at our clinic.  It is a third party vendor who offers financial assistance to those who desire to use it.  Please inquire at appointment.