Peri-Menopause is simply referring to the time around menopause.


Menopause is when menses ceases.

Key Points

There are many reasons why symptoms occur during this stage in a woman’s life. Symptoms can include IBS, night sweats/hot flashes, headaches, bloating, fatigue, weight gain, as well as many others.  They can affect you in a minor or major way or not at all.  No matter the array or severity of your symptoms, there are things to change how your body is responding/not responding. These changes lead to a better quality of life for you in the future.

Research has been going on for many years.  There are many studies out there about hormone treatments and replacements, hysterectomy and other surgical methods to help you treat your symptoms.  This is great when there were no other options to help. There are ways that are being researched and shown to help the body help itself that is more effective that the conventional method of treatment.

Using the research we have come up with an educational approach that is patient centered using your history, lab markers and comprehensive exam to get your body working for you.  This eliminates your symptoms and helps you live an energetic and full life.  We can get you to your goal of a symptom free life without the use of hormones and hysterectomies.  Call us to learn how.

Our treatments are non-invasive and effective.

What We Want You To Know

What many people don’t realize is: our menstrual cycles from our first to our last indicate how our body will handle menopause. Patients in their 40s and 50s that have either gone through or are currently going through the change have a common thread: irregularity (flow, cycle length, or time between cycles). Don’t wait to address proper health for you and/or your daughter(s).  It’s a simple conversation that can change your life.

One of the best things we try to instill in our patients is: The younger we make healthy habits, the better our body’s foundation will be.