What to expect at our clinic for your first visit.

We want to know who you are and where you came from.  A detailed history will be requested at the start of your visit so please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete the necessary forms.  After you’re checked in and your history is collected, you will be roomed to wait for the doctor and start your appointment.

The doctor will confirm your history, collect any further data needed and proceed to your exam.  The exam will consist of full systems check including: vitals, neurologic, orthopedic, soft tissue, etc. to address any and all complaints you may have concerns about.

This first visit is made to get a complete view of you.  This allows the doctor to come up with a treatment  plan that favors your goals and the outcome you desire, naturally. The doctor will request any further lab testing at this point. They will also give you paperwork to take home and fill out for your next visit.

This visit will take you approximately 20 minutes to fill out paperwork and an hour with the doctor.  Plan for 90 minutes.

What to bring to your first visit.

We are probably not the first clinic you have been to for your women’s health complaint.  Our bodies are complex and have many working parts. Each time we visit a health care professional we get to see a glimpse into one or a couple of those parts. Please bring in any and all laboratory test results, imaging, procedures, or treatments that you have had performed previous to your visit with us.  This allows the doctor a larger picture and is used in helping you accomplish your health goals.

  1. Lab Results
    1. Blood, urine, saliva, and/or feces.
  2. Imaging
    1. MRI, CT, EKG, X-Ray, PET, etc.
  3. Procedures (what worked or didn’t work)
    1. Biopsy, cauterization, scraping, removal, etc. of any part.
  4. Treatments (what worked or didn’t work)
    1. Fertility, hormones, diets, tinctures, meditation, supplements, etc.